General Information and Rules - Please read before posting!!

Forum Rules and General Information
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General Information and Rules - Please read before posting!!

Postby Tammy - Oak Farm » Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:18 pm

As this is a very new forum, i would just like to put down a few very simple ground rules for people to follow:

1. SAFETY - Please be safe when using this forum. It is not advisable to use your real name, give out personal information such as your email address, phone number, home address etc. Please remember that whatever you post on this forum can be read by anyone who access to the internet, therefore do not post information or images that you do not wish to be seen by anyone who wishes.

2. RESPECT - Please respect all other members and treat all other members in the same way that you would expect to be treated. Rudeness will not be tolerated! Any member who ignores this rule will recieve a warning for each incident.

3. SWEARING - Swearing or foul language will not be tolerated and will be removed immediately. Any member who ignores this rule will receive a warning for each incident.

4. POSTING - Please only use one post per question. Do not hijack other peoples threads with your own questions - if you have a similar question then either read the advice that has been given and try that or create your own post with your questions. Please be patient when waiting for an answer to your question, as you must remember that other people may be busy. Please refrain from posting the same question or problem more than once.

5. REPLYING - There are two main types of threads that might be posted here:

a. Threads which require an immediate and informed decision from an experienced keeper. Replying to these threads with comments that are not useful is not helpful at all - if you are not experienced with the problem then please do not reply.
b. Threads which are posted for the purpose of being cute and threads which invite everyone to comment. Please feel free to reply to these threads with positive and encouraging comments.

6. HAVE FUN! - Please follow the above rules and please have fun. Please feel free to post plenty of photos and share your experiences with Roborovskis.

7. Please Note - that whilst i will try to monitor this forum for objectionable material, and hopefully remove it before it is viewed, it is impossible for me to review every post, so please understand that all posts made express the views and opinions of the poster and no one else. Neither myself, my moderators or administrators will be held liable - this forum takes no responsibility for the posts of any other members.


If any member breaks any of the above rules they will receive a warning. If any member receives three warnings they will be banned.
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